What kind of payments do you accept?

Paypal* (debit and credit card).
XOOM (USA only)

* For security reasons, payments over US$ 1,000 are only accepted by bank transfer.

Please let us know if you are unable to use any of the above-mentioned payment methods.

What are your working hours?

We work Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT-5) in an 8-hour working day.

Do you offer any kind of discount for frequent jobs?

Yes, contact us for more information, but in general we offer discounts for companies that place monthly orders.

How long does the conversion take?

Normally we take 2 days for the main page and additionally 1 day for each additional page.

Do I have to pay before placing an order?

If, before performing the HTML conversion service, you need to cancel the request amount of your order. If you have frequent work, i.e. a monthly workload, you can request discounts and payment flexibility.

How should I deliver my order?

Orders must be submitted in the accepted program formats:

  • SKETCH of Sketch
  • FIG of Figma
  • URL of Zeplin
  • PSD of Photoshop

If you have a format that is not listed, you can contact us so that we can help you.

You must also submit the font or family of fonts that your project has used. It is also recommended to deliver a maximum quality flat image for each screen you want to convert.

If the design has hovers or effects you want to place, you must attach each element you want to show.

Does your name appear in the files you deliver?

No, UI2HTML is a totally private service and we will never include a link to our site in the files we deliver to you. We would really like to receive a testimonial about our service and we will proudly publish it on our page.

What browsers do you support?

We create code according to W3C standards, and our markup is displayed correctly in all popular modern browsers (latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera).

Is it possible to make it compatible with older browsers?

Our philosophy is not to compromise the quality of the resulting code by using hacks or non-standard code, so we cannot guarantee it. However, contact us, we may be able to help.

Is the price indicated final or must some tax be included?

Prices shown are final, there are no hidden charges.

Do you have any more doubts or questions?

If you do not find the information you are looking for and you need more information you can write to us at info@ui2html.com

Don't wait any longer and start!