Terms and Conditions

The access and use of this website is governed by the “Terms and Conditions” described below, as well as by the legislation applicable in the Republic of Peru. Consequently, all visits to this site and all contracts and transactions made on this site, as well as their legal effects, shall be governed by these rules and subject to this legislation.

The Terms and Conditions contained in this instrument shall apply and shall be understood to be part of all acts and contracts executed or entered into through the offer and marketing systems included in this website between the users of this site and UI2HTML, which shall henceforth also be referred to indistinctly as “the company”, or “the offeror company”, “the supplier” or “the provider company” as appropriate to the meaning of the text.

It is a requirement to buy and/or contract services in UI2HTML, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of sales described below. Any person who makes a transaction in UI2HTML declares and acknowledges, by the fact of making the purchase, that he/she knows and accepts each and every one of the Terms and Conditions described below. The Terms and Conditions will be understood to be known and accepted by the mere fact of registration and/or purchase through UI2HTML

UI2HTML reserves the right to update and/or modify the Terms and Conditions detailed below at any time, without prior notice. For this reason we recommend that you review the Terms and Conditions before each purchase. We will make our best efforts to ensure the uninterrupted availability of the services on this website and the absence of errors in any transmission of information that may occur. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, it is not possible to guarantee such extremes.

Furthermore, access to the services of this website may occasionally be suspended or restricted for the purposes of repair or maintenance work, or the introduction of new products or services. We will endeavour to limit the frequency and duration of any such suspension or restriction.

The following are the terms and conditions:

User Registration

The acquisition of products and services offered through the Website requires the acceptance of these conditions and registration by the user, with the definition of a password. These Terms and Conditions will be understood to be known and accepted by the fact of the registration of your data in the Registration Form and any other type of form.

The registration of each user will be verified by completing and signing the form published on the Web Page and through its subsequent submission, which is done automatically by a “click” on the respective element. The form will require the following data from the user: full name, identity card, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence. In case of not registering personal data in our Web Page, the user will be prevented from opting for the possibility of purchasing products through the Web Page, since the registration and processing of personal data are necessary to perfect any purchases made through this marketing channel. It should be noted that the data provided in the forms on the Website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Secret Key

Once registered, the user will have a definitive account (name) and password (key) that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access. This account and password allows the user to make purchases, request services and obtain information. The user is responsible for changing the password, which must be subject to the procedure established in the respective site. The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account and password, restricting access to his account from any device, accepting all responsibility for all activities that occur in his account or with his password. Its delivery to or use by third parties, does not involve the responsibility of UI2HTML and / or affiliated companies.

User rights of this site

The user shall enjoy all the rights in force in the territory of Peru, in particular those established in the Civil Code and the applicable Consumer Protection regulation, as well as those that are additionally granted in these terms and conditions.

The mere fact of visiting this site on which certain goods are offered and accessing certain services does not impose any obligation on the consumer, unless he has expressly accepted, by means of his corresponding acceptance, the conditions offered by the supplier, in the manner indicated in these terms and conditions.

Procedure for using this site

In the contracts offered through this site, the offeror company will inform, in an unmistakable and easily accessible manner, the steps to be followed to conclude them, called together as the Purchase Procedure. The company will indicate its postal or electronic mail address and the technical means available to the consumer to identify and correct errors in the shipment or in its data.

Any data erroneously entered or omitted by the user or client in the form may be considered by UI2HTML as a null or non-existent purchase. In this case, if the user makes another purchase later, the conditions of our products and / or services may have changed. UI2HTML, through its website, does not sell to minors.

Intellectual property

All trademarks used on this site, including the design and graphics of this page, are the property of UI2HTML. or belong to the registered owner of such trademarks, and therefore all intellectual property rights are expressly reserved, in accordance with Peruvian law.

Dispute resolution

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the service provided through UI2HTML, including a dispute as to the validity or existence of these Terms and Conditions, shall be settled by arbitration proceedings at law in Lima, conducted by a single arbitrator in accordance with the laws of the Arbitration Center of the Lima Chamber of Commerce. The Parties waive any right of appeal and/or analogous right against the arbitration award. For any supplementary intervention by the Judiciary, the parties establish as their domicile the district of Lima-Cercado. The user declares to have read and fully understood the terms and conditions set out above, expressing his agreement and acceptance below.


Any submission or claim related to acts or contracts executed or concluded through this site, must be submitted by email UI2HTML or to the telephone number listed on our website.

Legal capacity to contract

The services of this site are available only to those individuals who have legal capacity to contract, as provided for by current legislation. If a person does not have legal capacity to contract, they should refrain from using the services offered on the site. UI2HTML may suspend the participation of users who are found to lack legal capacity to use the services offered on the site, at any time, temporarily or permanently, or when they provide false, inaccurate or fraudulent information upon registration.

Delimitation of responsibility

UI2HTML shall not be liable to users or third parties for damages that are a direct or indirect consequence of the interruption, suspension or termination of the services offered by the site.

Photographic content for reference

The photos of products presented on the site are references, are intended to give an idea of the product to customers, but not necessarily references to the product itself.